CreepyPodsta StoryTime – “Asylum” by Chris Luminello, read by Phil Corso

Hey y’all! Thursday is probably gonna be our new day for CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast, since now I’ve got a new show launching on Mondays. It’s called Seeing Red(dit), please check it out if you like me, and/or if you like past guests Matt Herron and Louisa Herron.

I’m still working on the next episode of Frank Ecto: Ghost Detective, so I’m dropping this into the feed for that show also, as a little taste of something!

A little break from tradition this week, with a story from my horror anthology Unknowing. Past guest Chris Luminello wrote this story, called “Asylum: A Memoir of a Decidedly Sane Individual“. Other past guest Phil Corso reads it to you!

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