Unknowing: An Anthology From Beyond the Veil

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Unknowing: An Anthology From Beyond the Veil is a collection of short stories in the horror genre from lesser-known authors.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” – H.P. Lovecraft

Our goal with this anthology is to publish some underground and unpublished authors, while exploring a genre near and dear to us: Horror.


About the Authors

Jeff Kowalski, publisher and editor of Unknowing, also writes the fantasy adventure comic Tanoshi Quest here at Weaponized Language, and does TV recaps for Rickey.org. Find him on Twitter at @j3fk!

Cassandra Rose is a freelance writer and an avid bibliophile. When real life isn’t getting in the way she spends her free time being snarky on Twitter under @yrchmonger and contributing to the literary blog Bibliomantics.

Chris Luminello is the artist who also did our lovely Kickstarter campaign cover image; he can be found on Tumblr at nicethingsforawfulpeople and on Twitter at @CountVeger.

Matt Herron is a sci-fi and fantasy author working on his first novel and wasting time with short stories. Follow his (lack of) wisdom at @kamikazepilot.

Melissa Kay is an anti-heroine in disguise using her secret powers to publish her first novel and create the next artistic masterpiece. By day, she works furiously to stop the zombie apocalypse from happening. By night, she tweets nonsense at @mechamelissa and posts pretty pictures at www.mechamelissa.com.

Bill Riggio, as an editor and writer for Unknowing, is grateful to work with so many talented people. He has a vested interest in Lovecraft, ancient things, and the woods, and sometimes talks about these things at @BillRigg.

Anik Soodis a Writer, Comedic Performer and Entertainment Attorney from New Jersey. He wrote his first horror story in the Fifth Grade about a picture of a haunted house. It wasn’t well-received, but Anik has never heard a critic he hasn’t assumed was motivated by jealousy. He also produces comedy shows in the New York Area with his group “PulpRiot”.

Cassandra Kingsbury‘s illustrious writing credits include a poem of rhyming couplets published at age 10 and several hundred pages of fanfiction. She can be found tweeting photos of her cats @loveofstrings, and neglecting her blogging responsibilities @Bibliomantics.

Samantha Ahearn is the founder, editor, and main contributor at NerdsoftheRadTable.com. She specializes in writing fantasy and weird poetry, and loves Tolkien more than is healthy. You can follow her rants, raves, and pictures of her fat cat over at @sannahearn.

Holly Gore (@murdermaider) is many different things to many different people. An art aficionado with a penchant for new experiences, she enjoys traveling to find aesthetics not yet discovered and reading to do the same for the written word. She balances out her love for emotional writers like Charles Bukowski, Joey Comeau, and Haruki Murakami by spending time with her dog Gao and eating pizza. She hopes to be involved in more creative endeavors in the future.

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