Category: Short Fiction

  • Promptly Written: Oooh Boy

    Aaand we’re back! All thanks to the find folks at DreamHost support. Or if you’re reading this on Tumblr, EVERYTHING IS FINE AND NOTHING WAS EVER WRONG. Anyway, another Reddit prompt, from this post. Prompt: A person has come to realize that each time they die they reincarnate further backwards in time.

  • Promptly Written: Awareness

    Ahoy-hoy! I’m back again, with a story I wrote a few weeks ago from another Reddit prompt. Please do me a huge favor and share this story if you like it! Prompt: The main protagonist is fully aware of being the main protagonist and knows that, no matter what he does, he won’t die during…

  • Promptly Written: The Return

    Hello again! Before I get to this week’s story, I’d like to ask that anyone reading this please follow, reblog, and share this post (and heck, all the posts here). I really want to expand my audience, but I can’t do that without EVERYBODY’S HELP! So go on! Share it! I dares ya! This story…

  • Promptly Written: The Stranger

    Hello! Here’s my second story, this time with a prompt from r/WritingPrompts! Prompt: A stranger walks into town with a coldness in his eyes, guns in his hands, and vengeance on his mind.

  • Promptly Written: First Meeting

    Hello, friends! I’m trying something new for content here on Weaponized Language. I’m going to be writing very short stories based on prompts that I find (or sometimes make up for myself). They’ll hopefully be getting posted at least once per week. If you like Unknowing, you’ll (hopefully) like this, and if you’re only here…