One comment on “Episode 15 – Russian Sleep Experiment with Stephanie and Cassie Kingsbury

  1. Hey guys
    You didn’t like this one but there is something I really like about horrific medical experiments–like I loved the season of American Horror Story set in the asylum.
    I totally think a crazy Russian stimulant gas could make people rip each other apart. During a few sleep-deprived moments from my past, I saw and heard some down right crazy shit. Craziness is def out there…
    Anyway love the podcast–I am fully binging on every morning on my drive to work.
    Would love to get involved, you all sound like you are having such a blast reviewing creepypastas. Do you ever invite new people in? I am a horror movie buff raised on American 80s tv. I spent my teens and 20s doing Rocky Horror and being obsessed with horror flicks. I’m what you would call a young gen-Xer…turned 40 this year (and it still hasn’t sunk in). Do you remember a nickelodeon show called The Third Eye?? It’s like a Candle Cove…creepy-ass show that not many remember.
    Hope I am writing to you in the right place Jeff.
    Thanks for the podcast.
    When I listen, it feels like I am back in college in my dorm talking to people I know. (Dude that was in frickin 1996-98!). But listening makes me feel at home, so normal. Chillin and just casually dropping comments about Cthulhu or 80s culture like inspector gadget and it’s just normal conversation. I’d love to chat sometime. (I am American and I live in U.K. btw…nobody here I have met speaks my language, if you know what I mean…)
    Thanks for the radness, the awesomeness, the dreamy creepypodcastness.
    Cheers from

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