Episode 02 – SCP-089 with Louisa Herron and Regina Barry

Hey hey! Back again with another episode of CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast! With me are returning guests Regina Barry and Louisa Herron, this time discussing SCP-089, a spooky entry from the SCP Foundation, a wiki of fictional supernatural entities and objects that forms a sort of database of things made up specifically for it. Just listen to the thing, you’ll get it.

Theme music is by dAmbient and can be found here

This episode’s story was SCP-089

Regina’s site is http://pandabearshape.com/ and their Twitter is @tessa_racked

Louisa can be found at the Twitter handle @HerronBird

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2 responses to “Episode 02 – SCP-089 with Louisa Herron and Regina Barry”

  1. Hi- I am the author of SCP-089. I’m glad you liked it.
    The double-digit-millions casualty event was the Taiping Rebellion, which really happened.