Episode 44 – AssCredit

We’re a bit loopy from recording very early on Xmas Eve, so bear with us… FOR LAFFS. This week’s subreddit is… AssCredit… Okay. Other topics of discussion include Louisa‘s Xmas ghost inflation fetish, Matt‘s anger about that damned on-line, and Jeff‘s quasi-erotic Pac-Man fanfic. Please enjoy it, somehow.

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2 responses to “Episode 44 – AssCredit”

  1. On the topic of pokemon and how all the people in that world seem really dumb, have you ever considered that the pokedex says Alakazams have an IQ of 5000 in addition to being powerful psychics? Based on the games there are no wild Alakazams, which is good (for humans) because they would rule over mankind. However, this also means that all Alakazams exist in a horrible world where they are doomed to a life enslaved to a being who is, to any given Alakazam, a complete bumbling idiot, regardless of how smart the human owner is. Also, it means that humans have access to a mind more brilliant than any human ever has been and probably ever can be and they mostly use it for fighting other creatures that the Alakazam could recognize as fellow slaves to the moronic human tyrants.