One comment on “Episode 56 – Borrasca with Alex Cappello and Emma Goodman

  1. The political commentary really should have been cut. Not only was it off topic, but it was also inaccurate.

    Both Clinton and Donald directly addressed the same disadvantaged people, they were the ones who chose wild, unkeepable promises and white nationalism over the one who wanted to fund it entirely with taxes on the rich.

    Also, the Democrats are going conservative in 2020. Bernie-style “progressives” are a thing of the past. Not only did Bernie get 3 million fewer votes than Clinton, not only did one of our most liberal candidates running on the most liberal platform ever lose the electoral college, but all across the country the more “progressive” candidates and policies failed horribly. This election has shown that people (in swing states) want more conservative policies. Not that it matters with the Supreme Court gutting any progressive policies that do slip through.

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