Episode 12 – annie96 is typing… with Judd Madarang and Phil Corso

HEY sorry this is late y’all. I’ve been busy not editing it! It’s… CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast! Judd and Phil are back, talking about spoopy ICQ chats or whatever. ALSO, if you like this show, check out Thee☠Creepy☠Podcast by DJ4AM!

Theme music is by dAmbient and can be found here

This episode’s story was annie96 is typing…

Phil’s Twitter is @SoraAgrees and you can find him online at thegospelofmark.info (yes really)

Judd can be found at the Twitter handle @CephalicStatic

If you want to be prepped for future episodes, go ahead and read up on Ted the CaverAbandoned by Disney, Pale Luna, Kanye Quest, The Slender Man, and The Gates of Hell

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