Episode 05 – Pokémon (Creepy) Black with Catie Versaggi and Judd Madarang

Woah, lookit this, it’s another episode of CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast! Wild, man, wild. This one’s got my good friends Catie and Judd, but then again, all the guests so far have been my good friends, so I dunno why I’m specifying here.

ANYWAY, we discuss Pokémon Black (aka Pokémon Creepy Black), which is a corny-as-heck story about a haunted video game. Yes that’s right, someone on the Internet wrote a horror story about a haunted video game. SHOCK.

Theme music is by dAmbient and can be found here

This episode’s story was Pokémon Black

Catie’s Twitter is @Catie_V

Judd can be found at the Twitter handle @CephalicStatic

If you want to be prepped for future episodes, go ahead and read up on SCP-055, Abandoned by Disney, Pale Luna, Kanye Quest, The Slender Man, and The Gates of Hell

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