Episode 03 – Lavender Town Syndrome with Chris Luminello and Phil Corso

Hi hello. I’m late with this week’s episode of CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast because I’m a big dumb idiot who deleted my audio by accident. Fortunately, this week’s guest Chris Luminello is a big dumb idiot who didn’t wear headphones while recording, so we have the whole thing through his speakers. So the quality is bad but it exists! Deal with it!

Theme music is by dAmbient and can be found here

This episode’s story was Lavender Town Syndrome

Chris’s Tumblr is Nice Things for Awful People and his Twitter is @CountVeger

Phil can be found at the Twitter handle @SoraAgrees

If you want to be prepped for future episodes, go ahead and read up on BEN DROWNEDPokémon Black, The Slender Man, and The Gates of Hell

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