Month: December 2016

  • Episode 60 – Winter Memories with Phil Corso and Judd Madarang

    This lovely Hanukkah and New Year’s Eve and Kwanzaa week brings us an episode CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast all about that nice winter vacation. Well, until it gets not nice. Mudd Jadarang and Kill Force-O regale us with thoughts about the tale. Support the show on Patreon! $1 a month gets you two bonus episodes and one short story! […]

  • Episode 44 – AssCredit

    We’re a bit loopy from recording very early on Xmas Eve, so bear with us… FOR LAFFS. This week’s subreddit is… AssCredit… Okay. Other topics of discussion include Louisa‘s Xmas ghost inflation fetish, Matt‘s anger about that damned on-line, and Jeff‘s quasi-erotic Pac-Man fanfic. Please enjoy it, somehow. Please rate, review, and subscribe to our […]

  • Episode 59 – The Perfectly Behaved Boy with Judd Madarang and Phil Corso

    Ho ho ho, happy Xmas! Or like, whatever. Solstice. Hanukkah. Decemberween. This episode of CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast is Xmas-themed, but not in a weird mean way. Judd and Phil are back in the mix for this Dark Xmas Tale. Support the show on Patreon! $1 a month gets you two bonus episodes and one short […]

  • Episode 43 – London, UK

    We take a holiday trip to the London subreddit on this week’s episode! After recovering from losing most of an episode to the shit-hole that is Audacity, we get on our grind by talking about juicing melons, Bee Movie, and Seal. We practice our terrible accents, debate public transit, and spend a very very very […]

  • Episode 068 – Machamp

    Episode 068 – Machamp

    Haha, lookit four-arms over here! No wait don’t beat me up, I’m just Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast!!

  • Episode 58 – The One Man Hide And Seek with Liah Paterson and Chris Luminello

    Ugh, turn that light off. I know it’s been a week since the last episode of CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast, but we’re still hungover. Liah and Chris are back again and very sleepy. Support the show on Patreon! $1 a month gets you two bonus episodes and one short story! Theme music is by Matt Holt This story was The […]

  • Episode 067 – Machoke

    Episode 067 – Machoke

    That lil blue boy got ripped and grey! Check out Machoke on Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast!

  • Episode 42 – GIF Recipes

    Episode 42 – GIF Recipes

    This week we get hungry watching GIF Recipes! We talk about holiday shopping and supply-and-demand in gaming. We discuss our nightmare foods and argue at length about mother sauces, tell the Nazis to take a powder, and contemplate chick-pea butts. Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and follow us on Twitter @SeeingReddit or […]

  • Episode 066 – Machop

    Episode 066 – Machop

    Wait is this a blue human child? No it’s Machop, on Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast!

  • Episode 065 – Alakazam

    Episode 065 – Alakazam

    Haha oops I forgot to post this on Friday. Guess I’m not as smart as Alakazam! This is Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast