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  • Episode 25 – Cats in Sinks

    Episode 25 – Cats in Sinks

    Hey it’s Jeff this week be nice to me if I edited bad okay?? Talking points in this episode of Seeing Red(dit): How am Magneto helmet work, why are bad TV habits, who is strongest in the body?? Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and follow us on Twitter @SeeingReddit or e-mail us […]

  • Episode 24 – Comic Books

    Episode 24 – Comic Books

    This week we return to the well-trod territory of comic books for some fresh insights into mostly nonsense. We talk about Kickstarter scams, alienate our listeners, and talk about the horrific torture that comic book movies are inflicting on Stan Lee. Also WTF is Sewer Horse? Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and […]

  • Episode 23 – Vancouver

    This week we discuss the self-proclaimed best place on earth: Vancouver! We manage to not spend the whole time talking about our favorite podcast (Stop Podcasting Yourself), and instead get embroiled in discussions of religion in the Potterverse, Jeff‘s failed career as the Pokémon killer, Matt‘s disturbingly good recall of dialogue from the Teenage Mutant […]

  • Episode 22 – In-Depth Stories

    This week we get just the facts while discussing In-Depth Stories! We sift through scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers, baby trepanning, and reveal our ignorance about oxycontin, Joseph Campbell, and Sailor Jerry. We also outline how to write the GREATEST STORY IN LITERARY HISTORY, so you definitely don’t want to miss this one. Please rate, review […]

  • Episode 21 – Digital Painting

    Episode 21 – Digital Painting

    This time we get into some real philosophical areas with Digital Painting! Jeff gets freaked out by lips on fruit, Louisa confirms that Cary Elwes has still got it going on, and Matt reveals that he has some very special guests in the studio. We also get freaked out by pictures of Donald Trump, Daniel […]

  • Episode 20 – Eagles

    Episode 20 – Eagles

    In this episode that is totally in our wheelhouse, we talk about the football team the Eagles! We discuss how many other pages called “eagles” we would be more equipped to comment on, and delve into subjects like the coming mascot apocalypse, alternate historical fiction, and eating tiny candy golems! Please rate, review and subscribe […]

  • Episode 19 – Graphic Design

    Episode 19 – Graphic Design

    In this episode we explore Louisa‘s irrational hatred of a new pokemon, visit Matt‘s secret courtroom, and discover Jeff‘s deep ties to the zinc lobbies. Join us as we learn to hide cocks in negative space and viral market for the new Beetlejuice movie, Bee2lejuice: We’re Not Even Trying. Please rate, review and subscribe to our […]

  • Episode 18 – Vintage Audio

    Episode 18 – Vintage Audio

    In this extra-long episode we disagree with the basic premise of Vintage Audio! We talk about Ted Cruz’s new business venture Zodiac Chillerz, wonder at the glory of the Marvel Cookbook, and discover Underdog’s favorite food! It’s a real trip through time from the days when we trapped radio waves in cages to the days […]

  • Episode 17 – Forever Alone

    Episode 17 – Forever Alone

    In this episode we give some tough love to the netizens on Forever Alone. We discuss Jeff‘s all-carb diet, freelance suicide prevention services, and flirting at work! We brainstorm about Hollywood dorks and rewrite the plot of Big. Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and follow us on Twitter @SeeingReddit! Tell your friends […]

  • Episode 16 – Lucha Underground

    In this episode we get crazy with Lucha Underground! We unleash our inner madmen by coming up with slogans for Corona (“No, they’re very good”), Monster Energy Drink (“Everything is fine and normal and real”) and Louisa’s upcoming foot crush porn site (“One step at a time”). We write a new food network mega-hit and […]