Short Fiction

Check in with your old pals the Seeing Red(dit) gang as we keep it spooky this week and talk about They Did the Monster Math. We talk about dad jokes, compare the relative advantages of vampires and zombies, and talk for way too long about The Flash fucking everyone on Earth and how bad your life would be with a 16-foot dick.

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This story is based on a prompt from Reddit again, specifically this one. This is actually the third Reddit prompt I’ve done; you’ll see the second next week! Enjoy!

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Hello, friends! I’m trying something new for content here on Weaponized Language. I’m going to be writing very short stories based on prompts that I find (or sometimes make up for myself). They’ll hopefully be getting posted at least once per week.

If you like Unknowing, you’ll (hopefully) like this, and if you’re only here because of Tanoshi Quest, then it’ll be something to tide you over while new pages get drawn!

This first story is thematically appropriate for the first post in this project. The source for the prompt is my own dang brain! Story is after the break; leave me comments below!

Prompt: Two people meet for the first time (500-1500 words)

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