Frank Ecto

Hey y’all! Thursday is probably gonna be our new day for CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast, since now I’ve got a new show launching on Mondays. It’s called Seeing Red(dit), please check it out if you like me, and/or if you like past guests Matt Herron and Louisa Herron.

I’m still working on the next episode of Frank Ecto: Ghost Detective, so I’m dropping this into the feed for that show also, as a little taste of something!

A little break from tradition this week, with a story from my horror anthology Unknowing. Past guest Chris Luminello wrote this story, called “Asylum: A Memoir of a Decidedly Sane Individual“. Other past guest Phil Corso reads it to you!

In this installment of Frank Ecto: Ghost Detective, we follow the living police investigator in charge of the case Frank worked last episode. Where’s Frank, and what’s up with all these cultists? Only one way to find out!

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OH HEY THERE WHAT IS UP. Finally back, and with a new episode of Frank Ecto. It has been so long that you have all surely died and become ghosts, so I won’t keep you here in the upper text for long. I hope the wait between this episode and the next is not as long!! BYE.

Frank Ecto: Ghost Detective in “Death Becomes Her”

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Hello friends! It has been too long! BUT! To make up for this egregious absence, I have brought you a special gift! It is the very first episode in what I hope will be an ongoing series of audio stories.

Frank Ecto: Ghost Detective in “The Stolen Ghost”

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