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  • Episode 019 – Rattata

    Episode 019 – Rattata

    We didn’t make a single Mickey Mouse joke on today’s episode of Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast.

  • Episode 018 – Pidgeot

    The grand trash bird finale, with a surprise Mega Evolution, on today’s Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast!

  • Episode 41 – Anansi’s Goatman Story with Judd Madarang and Brittany Miller

    Judd returns to CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast and brings along first-timer Brittany Miller! We chat about a 4chan post for wow so long. ALSO I LAUNCHED A PATREON: PATREON.COM/JEFFJK Theme music is by dAmbient and can be found here This story was Anansi’s Goatman Story Judd is a good good tweeting boy Brittany is also on Twitter…

  • Episode 017 – Pidgeotto

    The trash bird gets slightly better on today’s episode of Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast, but only by a little.

  • Episode 29 – Music Theory

    Okay this one gets weird. We intuit the meanings of Billy Joel songs and talk about probably Pokémon?? I dunno, I don’t listen to this fuckin’ show. Whatever. Shut up. Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and follow us on Twitter @SeeingReddit or e-mail us at! Tell your friends if you enjoy the…

  • Episode 016 – Pidgey

    It’s the crappy bird on this week’s episodes of Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast! Wow neat!

  • Episode 015 – Beedrill

    Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast talks a lot about the bees! Bees… my God… Not the bees!

  • Episode 014 – Kakuna

    Another dang coccoon, what is it with coccoons?? It’s Someone’s PC: A Pokémon Podcast!

  • Episode 70 – The Monster At The End Of This Tape with Stephanie and Cassie Kingsbury

    We’ve got Stephanie and Cassie Kingsbury back on this week’s CreepyPodsta: The Creepypasta Podcast! We’re talking about a fresh tale from r/NoSleep! Support the show on Patreon! $1 a month gets you two bonus episodes and one short story! Theme music is by Matt Holt If you want to be prepped for future episodes, go ahead…

  • Episode 28 – Sad Cringe

    In another delve into the underbelly of Reddit we explore Sad Cringe, a subreddit that somehow exists. Don’t worry, though – we almost exclusively avoid talking about that and instead spend time discussing Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, Ghostbusters, massage chairs, Ghostbusters, and Twitter handles. Please rate, review and subscribe to our podcast and follow us on…